About Us

Welcome to AHA

Welcome to AHA, a dynamic and truly multi-faceted resource in the hospitality industry.

We approach the hospitality business and indeed all service industries like show business delivering your staff high-octane, dynamic, and 100% original training sessions! We customize our approach to perfectly complement your 3-, 4-, or 5-star culture. There is an art to bringing the personal to the technical, and the technical to the personal and we help your teams master that art! Synthesizing information, statistics, SOPs and all the rest, we inspire the staff to be their very best, every day! Consistent service excellence is a form of storytelling and who better to tell your service ‘story’ than our team of actors, writers and performers who have parallel careers in the service industries themselves! With over 20 years in this industry, we can guarantee, nobody does it like we do*. Let us thrill you so that you can thrill your guests, residents, investors, patients and associates.